Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs to build great companies.

Why we call ourselves Vesuvio Ventures

35,000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius (Vesuvio in Italian) was born; creating a unique and rich soil which has been cultivated since before the birth of Christ and gives the best vines, vegetables and flowers on earth. Like Vesuvio, our goal is to provide the best soil and nutrients where the best ideas, companies and entrepreneurs of the world can flourish.

Company Building

We are convinced that great companies are built by great entrepreneurs, not by investors. We know how difficult it is to build a company. We have done it before (many times!) and now we want to partner with the best entrepreneurs to successfully co-build their companies.
We mentor and support our partners with a long term view, leveraging our experience, partners and networks to mitigate risks and maximize growth and success chances.

Investment Criteria

We make early stage investments and partnerships with the best and brightest entrepreneurs
and new technology companies.

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Company Building. We co-create and co-build together.

We are entrepreneurs. We are builders. We add value to Founders helping them to build their company and accelerate exponential growth.

We facilitate partnerships with successful financial investors, strategic partners and customers.

We identify problems and we solve those problems with the best available talent carefully selecting the best possible partners to minimize risk and accelerate and scale each of our ventures.

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